Client Stories from the Therapy Center in Cedar Knolls, NJ


I've always suffered from migraines and neck pain, and I was on my third day in a row with no sign of relief. I made an appointment with an orthopedist and they couldn't take me for another month, so I started looking for a massage place that did cranial sacral, and this place came up.

I found it no problem. Park in the back and walk through the gym, down the long hallway in the back.

They had many clients coming and going and I knew it was the new thing in the area!

The entire staff is super friendly. Ej worked his magic and I instantly felt better! Finally had relief!

I purchased two additional sessions. It's been four days and I'm still pain free!

Tracy V.
Like most people my girlfriend and I used the groupon. We've completed 1 out of the 3 massages included on the deal. Scheduling was easy and we were able to schedule with flexibility a week in advance. Both of our massage therapists seemed skilled and my gf mentioned her therapist had many years of experience. You have options of multiple choices of massage and the therapist adjusted pressure as needed. I received a full 60 min massage and received the full time allotted. Don't let the location and/or parking turn you off (it looks like a house), it is pretty standard in appearance, decor and experience once you find the entrance.

Paul S.
I was a member of Massage Envy for many many years, but they keep raising their membership fees even though I was a member, rather than grandfathered at the old price. So I looked for another massage therapy place near where I live and found Therapy Center of Cedar Knolls. I am so happy that I found them because their pricing is very good and fair. Other than their regular membership of $60 a month, they also have 3 different types of packages, and one being $50 each time for 15 times. The staff is very nice and friendly and the massages are great to help me with my back problem. I would recommend them.

Lucy K.
Got a bang-for-your-buck 60-minute Groupon for this place. Definitely one of the better massages I've ever gotten. The masseuse was really interactive with applying more or less pressure and really focused on the knots and pressure points. Standard ambiance and friendly staff. Oh and I definitely appreciate that they worked through the FULL 60 minutes.

Kevin D.
I purchased a groupon for one shiatsu massage. I was not sure what to expect, but a friend suggested I get this particular massage due to recent low back pain. I already deal with chronic muscle pain in the upper back area so I was not expecting a miracle. The massage was very intense, and it pretty much tells you there is a lot going on with your body. The stretching component really helped my lower back area. The person who worked on me was Frank. He was very informative, and his great personality definitely helped take the edge off the intense body work.
My lower back felt much better immediately, and I was pain free for several days afterwards. I still have some discomfort now that I am in physical therapy, but that pain is nothing compared to how it was before I arrived. If this place was not so far from me I would definitely continue. Definitely give this place a try! The groupon deal is a steal!!

Liz J.
Go! You will not be disappointed! I initially got a Groupon for my husband to here and was skeptical b/c he really needed an intense sports massage. The last time he went for a massage it was useless. This place did NOT disappoint. I went myself this week after having a lot of tightness in my upper back and legs and got a sports massage as well. HURT LIKE HELL but so worth it. I feel so much better already and can't wait to go back!

Theresa C.
Clean, welcoming space and pleasant staff. My masseuse, Cassara (unsure of spelling) was the one of the best therapists I have ever had. I have severely arthritic knees, and she was able to relieve a lot of the surrounding pain. I plan to go back.

Eve K.
Ease of appointment scheduling. Great service great value and very concerned about where you are hurting

Alice R.